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May 08, 2011


Cop Car

Good deed, indeed, Bogie. Tell WS that I said that he is "the best"! (Glad he enjoyed doing it, but I also know that he does for others all of the time - ride or no ride!)

Cop Car

Bogie--You threw me off, making me think that the Harley was an April Fool's joke because you had written in February that you would have to sell your bike. Shame on you for confusing your addle-pated old mother!

(It's a good thing I love you. *smirking*)


I figured someone would question it after I explained all other items were true (except for the pic of the snow - a technicality).

Cop Car

Bogie--I was even more confused in your "Meet the New Ride" posting because I thought the bike in the top photo, above, was blue. Oh, well. I'm delighted that you got the ride that you wanted on the terms that you wanted.

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