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April 24, 2011


Cop Car

Bogie--We are so out of sync with our weather. Our white lilac blooms were spent 10 days ago and our purple Korean lilacs are now in full bloom. Your transplanted phlox (transplanted twice - once to KS from NH in Fall of 2009?, and again when we had some landscaping refurbishment last summer) have a few blossoms on them and look healthy.

Our "risk" tomatoes that have been in the ground for 3-4 weeks have done nothing, and I just planted an Arkansas Traveler and a cherry-sized yellow tomato, yesterday.

As to putting electrical things together, it helps if your father was an electrician. He was a good influence on me.

Sounds like you have everything well in hand - as usual. Good for you!!!


2009 sound right - actually it is since it was before we came to KS to participate in HH's award ceremony.

Cop Car

Ahhh...good thinking, Bogie.


I finally decided not to do any starts in the house. I was going to plant spinach outside early, but my landscaper has failed to bring the 3 yards of dirt and compost I need to top off the veggie boxes. At least my herb garden is coming through well.

I understand I missed your birthday. DH and I wish you a belated birthday. We hope you had a great celebration.


Thanks for the BD wishes Buffy!


I was wondering what kind of grow lights you use. I noticed you said you ran out of Balasts. I use Led lights on my indoor herbs and vegegies and it works great.


I use horticulture flourescent 3' tubes.

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