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March 06, 2011


Cop Car

Bogie--The posting to which you linked is great! Just as the "roles" of women and men have changed over my lifetime, I think that the bond between men and cats is increasing. In the "olden" days, men gave orders. Cats did not obey. Women gave care. They "cared for" the cats. During each generation born since my own, I've seen men take on more nurturing roles toward their families. I've no reason to believe that this won't extend to cats.


All I can say, is that in this household, the cats adore me. Tory is indifferent to WS, Fuzzy will occassionally request food from WS, and Shadow will, nightly, request a pet from WS when he it on his recliner.

Shadow and Tory both interact with me on a regular basis during the day and join me in bed for more attention before I fall asleep (they help me go to sleep by purring). When WS gets to bed, they do not go to him.

WS claimed not to like cats at all early in our relationship, but New grew on him (although new didn't really interact all that much with WS).

Birdie makes up for it though. Even though I feed/water him, clean his cage and give him showers, Birdie flirts with WS and requests belly or head scratches. Birdie does not even tolerate me touching him.


It's the same here. The cats have been MY pets, and Dear Husband has suffered having them around. I mean, really suffered....he's allergic to cats and dogs. Of course, that didn't keep us from having both. Defer (the dog) was an equal opportunity dog, but I'd have to say that Fred gravitated more to Defer than to the cat. Toward the end of Ed's life he would oh so casually walk across Fred's lap to get to me, rather than jumping up onto my lap. I felt Ed was giving Fred the chance to pet him. Fred used to reflect sunlight off his watch to play with the cat, so the distance he showed may really have been to the allergies, and not disliking cats. It's likely to be a mystery.

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