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February 27, 2011


Cop Car

Bogie--And how did the other observers in your neck of the woods fare? During the four days of the GBBC, we tallied 22 species (in our yard + 2 species from a list that I submitted for Hand Park); but, 54 species were reported in Derby. Amazingly, Wichita had only 46 species - at least, the last time that I checked. (Just as WS found your Downey, HH found our Hairy.)

You didn't see several of the species that you regularly report having seen. Bummer! (They were in hiding?)

We have about a dozen doves that live in a yard two doors upstream from us; but, they were mostly in hiding during the count.

Ummm...not to be the first to tell you, but I didn't see the squirrels on the list to be input.


I didn't look at others in the area. Last year I was the only reporter from this area (zip code).

I looked at my 2009 stats and I had 10 species. I never have a lot of birds for each species, but I am used to having more species than I had this year.

Squirrels are counted for the Audubon count (they have found that squirrels can affect the count at feeders so include them).


Just checked for the Hillsboro area and 11 species were counted, including redpolls which I am just seeing today.

Interestingly, no one has seen any red-breasted nuthatches, which are usually pretty common around here.

Looking at Deering's totals, only one bird has been reported (I just reported under the zip code) - that 1 bird is a pileated woodpecker.

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