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February 05, 2011


Wichi Dude

Couldn't agree more. I'm guessing that would leave a mark.

Cop Car

Bogie--But don't your front steps and house look nice with the snow? (I can say that...I'm not the one shoveling your snow.)

We had only 5-6 inches and it was dry snow, so it was easy for even me to shovel - although the piles in the portion coming out of the garage, where we have a triple garage width to shovel, the piles at the sides got pretty thick. I needed to get the snow onto the plants and grass. It has been too dry for the last few months for me to waste the snow melt on the street.


We're running in to the same problem here. I've had to cut back the tops of some of the snow mounds because the snowblower can no longer through snow over them.

At least we have some melting today, though I don't know how much it will help the situation.

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