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February 27, 2011


Cop Car

Bogie--Even though it means much work for you and your WS, the snow shown in your photos is beautiful - as are redpolls. We always have someone in our ZIP report redpolls and pileateds, neither of which I have seen, here. We still haven't seen the blue jays that were around until a couple of weeks ago. Bird counts aren't "the" thing to most of us - it's the pleasure of seeing the birds.

BTW: Cool, on reporting squirrels. Your dad delights in sneaking up to the window (just beyond which a squirrel is dining on the birds' peanuts), opening the window, and yelling at them. He scares the bejesus out of me every time! (But...the squirrels scram.)


We have shifted over to the odd mixes of snow, sleet, and rain, complete with lightening and thunder, but at least we haven't had another 22 inches in snow. All that shoveling gets old about this time of year. We have snow in the forecast for Sunday (after a couple of days of rain), but I don't think they are calling for any accumulation.

I hope Spring shows up on your door, SOON!

Cop Car

Buffy--HH says that he'll be glad to menace your squirrels, if you make it worth his time. ; ) He thought that I should caution you that the little rascals are usually back on a bird feeder within 10-15 minutes.


Yeah....I've discovered that about the squirrels. We have one who must be a very brave soul because the only possible way he can get to the feeder is by jumping off the corner of the garage!

So, just what would "making it worth his time" cost me? I don't make the cookies HH loves! lol

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