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January 13, 2011


Brad Fallon

Yikes! It was a hell of a snow! 22"? Man, that's a lot of shoveling to do. You sure need a lot of firewood to keep you warm these days! Take care..

Cop Car

Bogie--I'm thinking that with all of that shoveling, you are putting out the BTUs at a pretty good rate, yourself.

All I can think of with all of that snow is the amount of snow ice cream I could make/eat. With our 2-3 inches of snow, I had snow ice cream for four meals!

A parking lot isn't a bad place to be stuck, usually, because there are usually lots of other people around. I got stuck in the Chevelle (you may remember how poorly it handled in the ice/snow of Colorado) in the parking lot at work, once. All sorts of people came out with Jeeps & other 4WD vehicles (not so common in those days - 1979 or 1980) to get me out.

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