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January 30, 2011


Cop Car

Bogie--Another saying is, "When it rains, it pours!" I think you've had your downpour for the nonce.

I use a toaster oven more often than any other small appliance. You'r dad's toaster may still be gathering dust somewhere, but I think I talked him into giving it to the DAV a few years ago instead of having it take up space.

I'm on my 3rd, ever, toaster oven. My folks gave me a 6-slice GE that I loved. When it died, I replaced it with the 4-slice DeLonghi that I had bought Mom just a few months before she died. I loved that one, too, and it is now on the cabinet in the basement, rarely used, but it had slowed down to the point that I replaced it with a 4-slice Euro-Pro "Convection" oven (which means it has a fan in it). I like it because it curves out in the back so that it will accept enough pizza for re-heating to feed your dad and me (in the DeLonghi, I had to do his, then mine.)

At any rate...if you aren't already positive of it, make sure that your mortgage holder is counting your early payments as you respective monthly payments. If they put that money into "extra payments", they may still ding you for not paying your monthly. Sounds stupid, I know, but if it were me, I would check.


The first thing I did was check when the next payment is due, they say June. That is a lot better than "extra" payments, because then we would be in a world of hurt!

We are on our 3rd toaster oven; we had a small one, then the larger one that we could rotiserri a small chicken in (and had two racks}, now this one which is somewhere in between.


Good God! Downpour, heck! You've been visited by Niagara Falls! Lesser mortals than you might be tempted to pull the covers over your head and STAY IN BED! Especially over the dental stuff.

I hope things are perking up for the two of you.


Can't stay in bed - gotta SHOVEL!!!!


My toaster oven is just over 11 years old and going strong. I'd have to get one promptly, if not immediately, if it died. As it will. It's gotten slightly quirky, and the handle tried to fall off the door. On the other hand, it still looks almost new. I used it most when I lived in Quincy from 1999 to 2003, during part of which I had no working oven. I still have baking pans I bought that were made for a toaster oven.


Good to hear from you Jay!

I kept the cookie pans from the previous toaster oven, but the racks were too small (not wide enough) and we don't broil enough to have kept the broiling pan (the new one came with one).

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