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December 12, 2010


Cop Car

Bogie--What a lovely walking tour you take each day. (I note that all of the ducks on the day you took the photo are Mallards. Perhaps you sometimes get other kinds?) Thanks for showing us your route.


Those are the only ducks I've seen. There are a lot of gulls too (no, I don't know what kind).

There might be other kinds of ducks, but I didn't start working there until late October, so others might have migrated - do ducks migrate?

Cop Car

Bogie--Most ducks do migrate and I doubt that your winter weather is mild enough for many to decide that you are far enough south. You might see green-winged teal (small duck) and greater or lesser scaup (mostly on the coast), but you are correct that most of the ducks are there in the summer or are migrating through. Mallards are about all we see here during the winter - only because humans have provided water that is rarely completely frozen over, in the form of sand pits and small lakes in residential and business areas.

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