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December 12, 2010



The thought of men shopping for food sent me off on a tangent. When I was a child, long before we had "heart healthy" food, my Dad would take me to the meat market with him on Saturday. The very first thing he did was to ask for two hot dogs, and then we strolled around the market, making purchases eating raw hot dogs. I shudder to think about that now, knowing what I know about hot dogs. And, isn't it interesting that the man I've chosen to make my life with believes that hot dogs are the seventh food group? (Ice cream is the sixth!) *G*

Cop Car

Bogie--Typepad doesn't like me...it rejected my comment with a pop-up that said, "Sorry! We cannot accept your data."

Buffy--Thanks for the laugh. You obviously know too much. I didn't know that one could purchase a raw hotdog. (During the years when I had migraines, I did eschew most hotdogs because of the nitrates/nitrites that, supposedly, might trigger a migraine.)

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