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December 12, 2010



We had the same response to it, when we heard it was coming out. Rooster Cogburn, too! Can you imagine it without Katherine Hepburn?


Too bad that the writer's can't seem to come up with anything original, so they are re-doing a lot of old movies and making old TV shows into movies (such as A-Team, nope couldn't imagine it without George Pippard and Mr. T).

Cop Car

I would give the writers a break since there are few plot lines to follow: 1) boy/girl chases/loses/gets the girl/boy, 2) bad person gets religion and becomes a saint, 3) shy person makes huge scientific breakthrough and becomes rich and famous, 4) bad person with heart of gold snookers good person with heart of coal....

I agree that "they" could at least change the names of the characters & title of the movie, though.


It's blasphemy! They orta' be shot!!

Wichi Dude

Some movies can be improved upon using the new and changing technology. Some are just plain classics and shouldn't be messed with. True Grit is a classic.

Nope, no money changing hands here either.

Cop Car

The other night, I recognized the dialogue in a 1940 movie as being the same as I'd heard in a different movie made in 1949. Then, I learned that the same movie had been made, again, in 1998. A little research gave the following chain of events.

Circa 1900 - Hungarian play (title not given)
Circa 1930s - Broadway musical - "She Loves Me"
1940 - Hollywood movie - "The Shop Around the Corner" starring Margaret Sullavan & Jimmy Stewart
1949 - Hollywood musical - "In the Good Old Summertime" starring Judy Garland & Van Johnson
1998 - Hollywood movie - "You've Got Mail" starring Meg Ryan & Tom Hanks

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