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November 03, 2010



Bogie, you've forgotten that now the 2012 Presidential campaign starts. I figure we'll see some of the first hopefuls from both parties showing up here in the Granite State any day now....


I don't know....I heard the first political ad for the 2012 race on Wednesday....

Frankly, I'm sick of all the mudslinging and lies. When I asked on Facebook what it would take to elect an honest politician, one of my nephews cynically commented, "There are not honest politicians."


DCE - I hadn't forgotten, I was just hoping that it would wait until after the new year. However, I heard something yesterday about president hopefulls making their way to NH, so I'm guessing my hope was in vain.

Cop Car

I've gotten so sick of the mudslinging and obstreperous attitudes that I have quit reading many of the blogs that were previously daily reads (and I am removing the links to those blogs from my blog). We need to learn to lower our voices and let the light of reason into our conversations.

Sorry that your state will be so targeted by the pols.

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