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November 13, 2010


Cop Car

Wow! Glad that you are spending less time on the road. That has to be a big plus. Having a good place to walk doesn't hurt, either. Now...if you enjoy the work...won't that be great? (What is ERP? Enterprise something?)


I know I liked it when my commute dropped from 110 miles round trip per day down to 16 miles.

Have fun with the new ERP software. We're getting ready to upgrade ours and hopefully they will fix the problems we warned them about when we switched from one software vendor to another. When that switch was made they managed to keep all of the shortfalls from the original ERP software AND added new ones. This time around they say they'll have fixed all the problems.

Yeah. Sure.


ERP = Enterprise Resource Planning

Cop Car

*Dope slapping myself* Now I recall that, back in 1985, when I wrote the Engineering Management Plan book for a proposal to provide a country-wide system for USAF aircraft maintenance depots, we had MRPII. Better you should work with that stuff than me (I know...you've been doing it for a few years!)

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