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November 20, 2010


Cop Car

Bogie--It must be something in the air, this year - or, perhaps, a subliminal message has been sent out via radio or television - to make this the year of "get rid of it"!

I've been making an effort, this year, to pare down our belongings to the sparseness that I imposed in Albuquerque. Tons of stuff has already gone out the door and more is to go. (Yesterday: A box of 26 panels of sheer/lace curtain valances, in original packaging; 100 skeins of embroidery thread, still in their boxes, that I bought in Los Angeles while working there in the mid-1980s - to finish a cross-stitch quilt top that your Grandmother H had been meaning to make since 1974; 26 unopened cards of hem binding/bias tapes - and an uncounted number of opened bindings/tapes/laces/cords; 26" CRT TV that hadn't worked since last February; 2 string trimmers, for which replacement batteries would cost $60 plus shipping & tax, each; various clothing that I haven't worn much in the last year; 2 sets of sheets & pillowcases that had been used a couple of times; one used sheet & 5 pairs of matching pillowcases; one pair of black patent strappy sandles, never worn; various cans of solvents & thinners, the lead-acid batteries from the above-mentioned string trimmers + 2 batteries from my cordless drill - to hazardous waste dump;et cetera.)

I've been blaming my crusade on my age - not wanting you and the rest of the family to have to sort through all the garbage; but, the only excuse I can find for your ice-cream scoop head is that fond memories attached to that implement. I know that I treasure the two scoops that your Grandmother S gave me!


I still have a fuel rail for a 1965 Rochester Fuel Injection system that came from a Corvair...just in case anyone ever needs one.

Lord, I am pathetic.


I'm see I'm not the only afflicted one, I'm feeling better already!


I can tell you that WichiDude has some "treasures" saved that make me CRAZY!! What in the world is he going to do with a small fiber-optic Christmas tree that doesn't work? Or 500 electric screw drivers that are so outdated the batteries are no longer made? Or the wooden box in which a couple of bottles of wine were shipped (the wine is long gone)? CRAZY I tell you!

On the other hand, I am NOT a hoarder. Yes, I did save the high chair from Crazy Kid (that is now being used by Grand Dude). I found some cake pans (that I have never used) in a box a few days ago with pages of the St Louis Post Dispatch (circa 1962) used as filler. And perhaps a FEW other items.

Perhaps we are all hoarders to a certain degree and with off the wall items. And just for the record: I NEVER exaggerate!

Cop Car

Bogie--What Dudette was too kind to write about is that I have added to WichiDude's stash - of electric screwdrivers & other stuff. She should be thankful that I am getting rid of my Craftsman cordless drill, for which I've been unable to find the correct replacement battery, instead of including it in the obligatory tote bag of stuff that I must take with me when visiting their home (or send home with them when they visit our home). Poor WD received a bunch of electronic/computer spare parts for Thanksgiving!


Now I have a great idea for all those old computer parts that are too "valuble" to throw away (RAM from a 386, HD of 256 MB etc) - give them to Wichi Dude!

Cop Car

Oh, Lord, then Dudette can hate us both!

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