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October 11, 2010


Cop Car

Two days ago, I tried to comment. This time, it wasn't TypePad that stymied me but my computer. You may recall that I dismantled the cute little devil (CLD) at least three times trying to fix an intermittent, sudden loss of power that happened from day five or six following delivery of the CLD. The company refused to send me a new wiring assembly that I thought might fix the problem. Eventually, I sent the computer to them and they replaced the power supply.

The first day that I used the computer after the power supply replacement, it dropped power (again!) so the computer was sent back to be worked on, again. That time they replaced the motherboard. They had me fooled into thinking that they might actually have fixed the problem since it was seven+ months later until it dropped power, yesterday. Now, their story is that the computer is out of warranty and the "fix" was only warranted for six months. But, they would give me a really good deal on another new computer (not a cute little one, but the full-sized version).

At the price they gave me, I caved. Now, the next time the CLD drops power, I'll take it down to the Ribbit Computer guys and see if they can replace the wiring assembly that I think needs replacing (for a reasonable amount of money). If they can do that, HH may end up with the newer machine. I really do like the CLD - when it's working!

Cop Car

Well...now to my comment. It is well that you and your WS are hardy enough to be able to make do without the space heating in order to have hot water. Smart folks! I know you are looking forward to having a well-insulated house.

Spanish Translator

Got the same scenario with yours, my laptop which is actually a compaq lost its power supply , sop, i have it fix with a comp.shop, to my surprise they returned it 3 days after and telling me it can't be fix, and giving me an offer of 10% less if I buy a new one..oh life


We caved in and started the heater for the upstairs. It doesn't run much so we should be okay on oil until the siding is done (next week they should start).

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