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September 27, 2010


Cop Car

Sorry about your pepper shortage. As I recall, your shortage last year was tomatoes.

We have a lot of peppers (some are Hungarian hot, some are Hungarian yellow wax, and some look like tiny pumpkins, only red - I've forgotten what), but on 2 green bell peppers have set on this year. Like your hot pepper plants, our green bell plants are leggy. I attribute the legginess to the plants' being in partial shade.

Better luck next season, although we'll still hope that your greenhouse allows you some harvest this season.


The tiy pumpkins sounds almost like habaneros, but there are several in that particular part of the hot peper family that look somewhat alike.

Last year it was tomatoes because of the cold, wet summer we had. This year, it was hot and dry. Fortunately, even though the peppers haven't produced yet, I had plenty in the freezer from previous years to put in my salsa.

Cop Car

Bogie--Thanks for the suggestion, but I have grown habaneros and these don't look like them. (And...I don't think I would have bought habaneros, as I didn't find their taste appealing. Don't think this was any type that I had tried before.) If I ever figure out what they are, I'll let you know.

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