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September 12, 2010


Cop Car

Smart precautions that you take with your small appliances, Bogie!

We used to shuck corn when I was a kid - but -we never did it for human consumption. It was for pigs and milk cows. We only used canning as the means of preserving for human consumption. Hey! If you make hominy, I'll bet you can't tell the difference. (Can you, anyway?)


Fascinating, about being able to reconstitute corn the same way we soften beans. I have probably the first of the "Stocking Up' books, but I haven't canned or preserved anything in a few years. I'd really like to get back to doing a little, especially with tomatoes. We're going to try Dear Husband's mother's red sauce recipe this fall, and I'll have some to put up, I'm sure.


The book assures me that the results should be similar to cooked frozen corn, with good color and texture - we will see.

Hominy - hmmm, I'm thinking that would be a desperation move (never developed a taste for it, no offenxe to those who like it).

Cop Car

Do you remember ever eating hominy as a kid? Since your dad doesn't care for it, I may never have fixed it; but, I do like it! (There aren't very many foods that I actually dislike!)


I don't remember eating hominy when I was young. I know I have tried it as an adult and found that it didn't run to my tastes. I don't remember actually hating it, just it was very bland. If I'm going to eat bland, at least it can be colorful!

I certainly wouldn't turn my nose up at it if I were hungry (not starving, hungry), but it is not something I actively persue on my menu.

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