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August 07, 2010


Cop Car

Wonderful, wonderful produce, Bogie. Please do remember that I like seeds in jam!
; )


Nice lookin' garden.
I don't know your location exactly, but here in extreme S. NH, I got hornworms on the tomatoes- lots of them- you get them?


Cop CAr - Is that a big ol' hint or what? Hopefully I'll get around to the jam - it was easy to have big aspirations on the weekend. I'll see what Santa can do for you though.


Doubletrouble - We are in South Central NH and sometimes get the tomato hookworms. Haven't seen any this year, but did have them a couple of years ago.


Ohhhhhhhh YUM! I so envy you the blackberries! When we moved to our present home, I should have asked for help putting in a red raspberry garden, asparagus, and rhubarb. We're nearing the time when we will downsize, so I've missed my chance for these wonderful things.

My cherry and miniature pear tomatoes have really done well, but my full sized tomatoes are nowhere near the size of yours. Way to go, Bogie!

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