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July 10, 2010


Cop Car

Thanks for the laugh, Bogie - "...(Canobie, not work)...."

Sound marvelous and I'm glad you & WS had such a wonderful time. I'm puzzled at some of the things you don't do well since I remember when you seemed to enjoy flying aerobatics. (Perhaps you were faking it or perhaps the aerobatics didn't happen and I remember incorrectly, since I was not along.)

I'll send your posting to your dad.


Flying aerobatics is not (and was not) a problem - being that high doesn't bother me. It is the lower heights that I have a problem with. And, it seems to get worse every year.


Actually, it is height on/in structures that give me problems. I am not getting near a window in a high-rise unless I can put the grip of death on a nice solid rail (and don't ask what "solid" means - I know it when I feel it).

High bridges in a vehicle cause massive anxiety (there are some bridges I have seen that I would flat out refuse to cross).

Flying in any airplan, at any height, doesn't cause any anxiety. I don't think I would do a hot air balloon though.

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