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April 25, 2010


Cop Car

Bogie--Pattern? What pattern? It looks like a piece of copper screen placed on the outside of the black-coated screen, so I'm a bit confused (no wise cracks!)
Hope it works out for you. It surely looks great from inside! At any rate, I'm curious as to what the material of the new panel is.


The material is aluminum sheeting (hence, the "decorative aluminum" description in the post - had to razz you about it anyway :>)

The pattern is a pattern of small holes (too small for cats' claws to reach in) throughout the panel.

Cop Car

Wow! The perforations are small & regular. It looked like woven screen, to me. (Yes, I need more razzing now that your dad is out of town! Obviously, I didn't retain the title of the piece in memory - what memory?)

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