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March 21, 2010


Cop Car

Bogie--After saving and lightening up the photos, somewhat, I was able to determine that you were not wearing tattoos but a halter top. I'm sure that you were all the warmer for having worn it!

We had snow most of the day, yesterday, accompanied by howling winds. It had been preceded by a few hours of freezing rain, so the front walk and porch are treacherous; but, your dad had no problem at all walking up to the mailbox, yesterday. All told, we got probably 2" of snow - the rate at which it fell had not been great. We should see the 50s sometime this coming week.

The only things blooming here are the elm and hackberry trees. Daffodils and tulips are showing some leaves in our yard. I bought more lily-of-the-valley corms/bulbs/shoots/whatever they are. I plant some each year - in a different place - and haven't succeeded in getting a stand on any of them so far in this yard. You may recall how they took over the top of the bank on Sunrise - after my only having planted them once.

I'm anxious to see photos of your blooms as they come about. Good on you!
(Thank WS for the photos, please.)


Hmm, I'm surprised about you having to lightem the photo. Both computers I have viewed it on (my desktop and laptop) as well as the camera have it plenty light. It was shot in full sun, one would think if anything, it would be too light.

At 60 degrees, and working, I didn't need any help staying warm with the sportsbra - just trying not to shock the neighbors. I would have had on shorts, but the snow would have been cold on the legs!

Cop Car

Bogie--Please recall that aged occulars and cataracts mean that I require much more light to see than most people need. Sorry about that.

It took me a second to figure out the reason that you were not in shorts, when I first saw your photos. I'm sure that wet snow on your legs would have prevented your appreciating the warmth of the day. Snow shoveling sounds like fun, except for the fact that it has consumed so much of your time these last few months.


That would explain that - I was worried that somehow I had put up a picture that wasn't really viewable to others (I've run into that before, thinking it was good and looking at it on another computer and finding it too dark).

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