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March 14, 2010


Wichi Dude

Scary, just scary. Hope WS is doing better. That stuff is nasty. I'm surprised he didn't run a fever or flu-like symptoms with it. Though I have heard of walking pneumonia acting like that.

Either way, best wishes and luck on the meds and the cure.


This was more asthma related than pneumonia (that just didn't help). He's had way nastier cases of pnemonia, and was a lot better than he was this time.

There is no cure, just more meds for him to take on a daily basis (they added a steroid, so he is up to 4 daily, plus one occasion use and then there is the short-term antibiotic).

Cop Car

Good grief! I had no idea that WS had such severe problems (he's not a whiner!)

Do well - the both of you!


Wish he had been more of a whiner, he would have saved himself the ambulance trip (and saved us the cost of it) and I could have taken him myself.

WEll, could have been worse, so I'll not whine any more about that.

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