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March 06, 2010



what did you do at training??? and what did most ppl wear?? thanks!


We went thru all the rules (safety, common sense, and Department of Commerce) and different scenarios. As I understand it, the normal last day training would have been practical, on the street training, then a test on everything that has been learned.

Everyone wore everyday clothing - jeans and sweatshirts/sweaters.


does it really take 9hrs a day to go over that type of material for just 10 questions??? 4 days in a row? it wouldn't be so bad if i didn't have to drive 50 min one way to get there.


You get paid for drive time plus mileage.

There are other things to go over besides the 10 questions. After all, you will be an employee of the cCommerce department, so you have to know all about the secrecy that you have to provide, plus how to deal with people that don't want to cooperate.

Sounds like you really don't want to do this, so just don't.

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