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January 05, 2010


Cop Car

Bogie--Your dad will understand, completely. It took years for "them" to solve his window-closure problem on his (1990?) Lincoln Continental. OTOH, My 2001 Lincoln LS was, and my 2007 Lincoln MKZ, has been completely free of squawks. In the Continental's case, the front passenger-side window would open, but it wouldn't close. Good luck in finding the loose connection, rapidly!


Found that I need a new master switch. Unfortunately, they didn't have one in stock, so I won't be getting it installed until next month (the next time I can afford to take 3 hours out of my day to go there).

Cop Car

Bummer! We can hope that the switch is the only problem. It's really difficult when fixing one problem only shows that there is another. (That was the bane of my existence 50 years ago when I was doing computer programming.)

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