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December 11, 2009


Cop Car

Bogie--In your case, you can thank a couple of engineers for producing you! (But, we are the ones who are thankful for having you and your sister!) At one time, at the old house, we had a wireless phone; but, we gave it away. Can't remember why or to whom. As you well know, you came by your "love" of phones and socializing honestly. It must be in the DNA.


Despite being an engineer I must admit to a similar dislike of phones that do far too much. I have a cell phone because my work requires it. It doesn't have access to the 'Net, it barely messages, and it doesn't take pictures or record video. It just makes phone calls. If I want to use a computer, I use one. I don't want to have to use a teeny tiny screen. I want a 20"+ screen, maybe two of them.

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