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December 12, 2009


Wichi Dude

Not bad shooting at all.

I am surprised at the FF/FE issues though. If they were "factory reloads", one would think the quality of shell should have been close to consistent with "new" rounds. What do other shooters have to say about this issue? Just curious.


I'm not surprised that there were a few FF/FE issues. Reloads are a bit of a challenge because there are factors that cannot be known (how many times the brass has been fired is one).

However, I figured the Glock would perform at least as well with the reloads as the Sig and the XD.

That being said, some firearms can be even more finicky and won't shoot some brands of "first-fire" ammo. I'm just surprised about the Glock because that isn't their reputation.


After Googling, I found that Glocks don't like reloads of the type we were using. Well, that would explain that!

Cop Car

As a gun/ammunition expert (I'll pause for the laughter to cease) NOT, is it possible that the Glock is a higher precision gun than are the others? Sloppy fits accommodate imperfections. (Everyone knows that!) Just call me, "Master of the Obvious".



Although Glocks are fine firearms and are one of the most popular around, only a few hardcore GlockFans would say that the Glocks are of higher precision than Sigs. I don't know about Springfields (Ws's XD(m)), but I'm guessing that at very best they are regarded as the same. There is at least one friend of a friend, who competes, that is jealous of WS's XD(m) and would give a whole lot of body parts to get one!

Just as a point of (non?) interest, Glocks are at a lower price point than either of the other two (by a good margin for the Sig). Take away from that what you will (or won't).

Cop Car

Ptooie, Bogie! I told you that I'm an expert. Why don't you believe everything that I tell you?!

Thanks for the info. Seems strange. Let me know when you learn the "why" so that I may continue to be an expert.

(My sides are aching from the laughter.)

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