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November 27, 2009


Cop Car

Good grief, Bogie! If we six who were congregated at WD & Dudette's had dropped in on you, we would not have gone away hungry. As it was, your sister (as usual) went all out with the traditional meal. Her one nod to constraint was in making only the chocolate pie (1100 calories per bite) instead of also making pecan - for which we thank her.

Little known fact: I had always assumed the Dudette was the traditionalist who liked to serve the traditional menu for Thanksgiving; but, it turns out that it is Wonderful GrandDaughter who "dictates" the meal. (It is always, always delicious!

I stuffed myself so much that I told HH to take me home, right after the meal, before I fell asleep. By the time we arrived home, I had recuperated and actually went to bed at 11:30. Oh, well. The younger two generations need time without us oldsters, anyway!

Glad you had/are having a great weekend. We need to find a fold in the space/time continuum that allows us to spend holidays together.


I think feeding 6 more would have been out of the question - well, I would have needed to add a few more potatos and greeen beans, but we would have been good on turkey, rolls and deserts!

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