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November 01, 2009



We have a couple of cords already stacked inside the garage, with two more cords stacked outside under cover, and two more being delivered over the next week or so. Unlike last winter, we will be heating exclusively with wood, meaning we needed more for this winter than last. But it is still cheaper (and somehow more satisfying) to use wood rather than just turning up the thermostat and burning expensive propane.

Then again, I'm a chea...ummm...frugal Yankee.


Unfortunately we are away from the house long enough during the day that heating exclusively with wood isn't an option. However, we heat with wood whenever we are home so we still go thru plenty of wood.

In another year or two, we will used up the standing dead, ice storm victims and any other trees that are determined to be expendable and have to buy wood.


I'd like to use our fireplace a lot more than we do. We need to have an inset made so that we can close the fireplace off once the fire has died down and we want to go to bed. I'm too Scotch to let the gas heat go up the flue all night long! We have the wood to burn, but we have to be careful because we get the occasional tree that makes a horribly stinky fire.


Fireplaces are great - but do have the downside of losing heat. I know a lot of people around here put wood stoves in the old fireplaces (they made huge fireplaces in the old houses), run the stove pipe up the chimney, then block up the rest of the chimney to avoid losing heat. WS's brother, who lives by Cop Car, has and inset and blower for their fireplace and love it.

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