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October 25, 2009


Cop Car

I'm sure it wasn't funny to you, but you have me rolling on the floor that you are having as much trouble with your techies as I'm having with mine. BTW: the techie who promised to call me last Wednesday has not yet; so, I still have the plastic part instead of the wiring assembly that was promised. Competence is hard to find, isn't it? Sorry for your travails.


and so it goes with the still-in-progress digital transition.

The cable companies are required to carry analog signals for the stations covering your local area - meaning the Boston market (that includes WMUR). But they are required to do that for no more than another two or three years. Some, like ComCast, will try to transition earlier because they are in effect carrying the local channels twice - digital AND analog. They want to recover the spectrum being taken up by the analog signals and this is one way of doing that.


DCE - I know that everything isn't cable's fault, but I wish I could do painlessly (and for the same relative cost) what I have always done. Since we go to bed so early, we won't see any shows except for CSI (local channel) because I refuse to pay more money for something that is not really useful except for seeing the weather and the news (which I can get of the internet anyway).

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