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September 19, 2009



So are you going to the race? We will probably watch on TV and will look for you in the crowd!

Cop Car

Good grief! There are 110,000 people in the state? Not to be insulting (or to be) who knew that such a small state was so populous? (I know...Kansas isn't exactly bulging at the seams.) Such beautiful, if gloomy, skies!


Dudette - NOT going to be at the race, going to be stacking wood and perhaps go for a short putt after that. We went to a race several years ago - although fun, it is not so fun trying to get out of the parking lot!

CC - Of course there are that many in the state - after al the Southerners show up for the race :)


Laconia Airport was the same, with a large number of private jets parked on the ramp. About an hour after the race ended they started their engines and took off, one by one.

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