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July 26, 2009


Cop Car

Bogie--I probably should give you grief for your "adults brought their elderly parents/grandparents" phrasing (since you are now nearly 3 years older than I was when I became a grandparent); but, I'll leave that up to CK and Dudette!

The "parade for a cause" is a neat concept and I'm sure that much good will come from the scholarship fund. Good on the whole bunch! (You and WS must have taken only one bike if you had hands free to take photos.) Good pics, too!


Sean was actually from Hillsboro, and served on the Hopkinton PD. You had it backwards :)


Anon - you're right, I was typing ahead of my brain!

Cop Car - I don't ride in groups - even with just WS, I only ride to work (that doesn't mean I can't take the long way around sometimes though).


CC - about the elderly comment; these people that the adults were bringing out were easily in their 90's - if that can't be called elderly, I'm not sure anyone qualifies.


Since Typepad will not let me log into my acocunt - there will be no posting this weekend.

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