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July 11, 2009



The bear/thistle seed post won't let me comment, so I'm doing it here.

Fry's (and thus possibly Kroger's) carries a thistle seed feeder for $4.99. If ever there was a perfect sacrifice feeder, this would be it. It comes pre-loaded with seed. Cheap plastic, sure. My first one lasted two years in the desert sun before the UV cooked it, so it's got some legs.

Knowing how expensive the nice ones are, thought you might like this alternative.


Posts "expire" after 10-14 days, so comments are automatically closed at that time (cuts down on spam and/or inappropriate comments). That is why you couldn't comment on the bear/feeder post.

That is a great idea that I will probably look into in the future. This particular thistle feeder has survived 3 springs of bear attacks - the 1st two the bear got nothing. It also keeps squirrels out of the seed. However, the mesh ones would be good to swap out in the spring just for the bears. Thhanks for the suggestion!

Wichi Dude

Great pic of WS. Getting quality prints like that is awesome.

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