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July 12, 2009


Cop Car

Thanks for the phlox, Bogie, and thanks for this posting. Now I know that I should go ahead and open the box, even though I'm not ready to plant, and put the containers out in the woods (and keep them watered). This I can do as soon as I leave the computer! I hadn't wanted the phlox to dry out, so had not yet opened the box. I should have known that you had containerized the phlox. You think of everything!

Cop Car

(I'm berating myself for having so little faith in one of my daughters, both of whom I have advertised as being perfect.)

Wichi Dude

On the Phlox; put a price on them...like $1 and someone will "steal" them for you. Seen it happen TONS of time: FREE - still there, $$$ - GONE.


Apparently someone (cough)Cop Car(cough) doesn't read my emails which explain how I potted them. Or maybe, in her dotage, she has lost the ability to read and now needs pictures? :)

WD - now that might be the ticket. When we got back from riding last night, one more pot was gone, so I am down to 2.

Cop Car

Ehhh, your mother wears army boots!


it's the same in my neighbourhood bogie. both myself and a good friend have left stuff out for people to take and no one does. wichidude makes a very good point, if you make it look as tho soemthing is actually required for the items, they go, pronto!


I got rid of one more pot of phlox; the other two pot sit forelorn and neglected in a shady area of the yard. I can't quite make myself finish them off - but if I don't water or turn them (for access to sunlight for the lower parts of the pot), then maybe they will expire on their own.

Or, maybe I'll figure something else out for them today.

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