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July 19, 2009



Duh, a very quick search on google, turned up a definite identity.

"Common Mullien (also spelled Mullein) Latin: Verbascum thapsus."

Another cool looking plant that is considered invasive, guess I'll have to get rid of it[sigh].


Here is the link to the government website on it.

Seems by the description, that I have a super plant (leaves of 4-12"? Mine are easily twice that long (except at the top).

Cop Car

This is new to me. Interesting. What continent is it native to?

Cop Car

Never mind, thanks. I see from the government website you linked that it is from Europe/Asia and that Europeans brought it over with them as a medicinal herb. Someone in your neck of the woods must be smoking it. I see that the map of its spread did not include your state!


I doubt anyone is smoking it. I have no doubt that both this, and the other noxious, invasive plant that I eradicated earlier this year was brought in thru the mulch that I laid down 2 years ago. Being biennieals, both those plants would have started out small last year (I remember seeing the rosettes to the mullien last year), and then this year would have been the year to bloom.

Such a suspicious mind you have Cop Car!

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