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May 17, 2009


Cop Car

It's hard to imagine guys who think it is OK to behave that way toward a woman. Yeozee! I knew guys like them back in high school. Obviously, not enough women had stood up to them, before!

Wichi Dude

They used to say "sleaze sells" in the pron industry. Apparently, at swap meets, some hucksters feel it should work for them as well.

Ever think about getting a T-shirt that reads, "I have a CC permit, and exercise it." Might make a few back off.


WD - well, since I don't carry, that would be false and I don't want someone testing the theory just to be an ahole. However, something like "If you can read this, you are in range"** might be more appropriate and make people worry (within range of what I haven't said: bad gas, bad breath, sharp tongue, general bitchiness etc).

Sadly, even if I had been wearing a t-shirt like either described, it would not have helped as it was cold out so I had a sweatshirt and my coat on.

** This is not a saying that I made up, but one I saw on a "street sign" being sold at the swap meet .


Icky..... I'm glad I'm not likely to be buying any leathers. I hope the guys you faced off with got the idea and will ask before trying to dress other women.

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