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May 09, 2009


Cop Car

Well, to be fair, the metric folks just sort of "fell into it" with women and machines. When I bought the 626 (car) in 1982, it was perfectly sized for me--because it was designed for men who were my size. When that company started designing/building for the USA market, the cars grew. (Although, continuing to be fair, their cars are still are toward the smaller end of the spectrum.)

You really go about shopping the right way--by setting your criteria of success, first. Congratulations!

(BTW: You've used the term before, but what are "sissy bars"? Easy to see what a Biker Mama I am!)


Actually, I don't think "falling into it" is the way the metric bikes are made - after all, they also make some of the largest bikes (1800's at about 1000 pounds - larger than HD's). Metrics run the gamut from very small to very large. Regardless of whether they fell into it or not, they obviously have found a winning combo for attracting women.

HD is still trying to figure out how to attract more women - as drivers, not as passengers. Until very recently, their only concern for women was how they looked on the back of the bike (and that is still the way their clothing is designed - not for staying warm, dry and comfortable).

And to answer your question, sissy bars are passanger seat backrests.


Okay, I wasn't very fair to HD - they do make some pretty good gloves for women. Other than that, If I go with the HD brand, I usually get men's stuff size small (like my rain gear) because they do make their riding gear very well.

When that doesn't work for me, I go with other brands (my jacket, chaps, heavy riding pants etc).

Wichi Dude

One also has to remember that the "metric" cycles were made for places that even a "standard" cruiser class won't fit through: tight, winding, crowded, congested streets. They were also built for a smaller-sized overall population. And given the income brackets in play, they had to be affordable, dependable, and inexpensive to maintain.

Now that you have what the "buying" population wants and needs, you better be set to accessorize it pretty fast.

If you look at it closely, the bigger "metric" cycles didn't happen until they started becoming popular over here. When I started riding, 1000cc's were top sized, and few and far between. In short order, 1200's came about.

And for good gear and accessories for women (and men), stick with the "metric" makers lines, or specialty makers; better quality, better choice, better fit, and better price.


Prices - sometimes, sometimes not (just like accessories - one would think that metric stuff is cheaper, but that is not neccessarily true).

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