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May 24, 2009


Cop Car

What a cute windshield - you are welcome! I guess I never thought much about bike windshields and, if pressed, would have envisioned one of those huge windshields that the cops' motorcycles sport - or - at least, such as they sported the last time I noticed (in 19 ought 10?) It's fun watching you put your bike all together. Is it like a house (never quite finished?)


Didn't want to go with a large windshield as I figured I would get fixated on the parts that I could see (edges and what-not), which is not a good thing when riding. This windshield is perfect in being short enough that it stays out of my vision, for the most part, so I do't even really notice that it is there.

One day, I may get something larger, but another great thing about the windshield is that it has an easy-on, easy-off system that is compatible with several other windshields by the same company.

Bikes are really never done (like houses) - even WS's "perfect" bike that he bought 2 years ago gets upgrades every winter.

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