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April 25, 2009



Sounds great, but what are "highway pegs"?

Wichi Dude

Highway pegs are forward mounted (and usually higher) foot pegs, so when you are going on long runs (usually highway riding) you can stretch you legs out for more comfort.

Sounds like a good afternoon run. Can't think of a more enjoyable way to handle chore runs.


Wichi Dude is correct, but "forward mounted" may not mean anything to you.

The pegs are mounted on the engine guards (crash bars) so are pretty much out below the handlebars. The provide stretch and a completely different sitting style for long rides (and highway use - don't really want to use them in stop-and-go traffic).

Cop Car

Thanks, WD & Bogie, I get the picture. It's similar to the difference in driving a car crosscountry vs city. It helps to stretch the legs.

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