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February 01, 2009


Cop Car

Thanks for the recap--much better than my having to suffer through the hours that it takes a game to play out! (I was having more fun doing laundry and ironing--HH had no time to do it before he left!) HH was undoubtedly on duty and may have missed the game. The Red Cross communications people were supposed to start setting up a Communications - Emergency Response Vehicle (C-ERV) at the Disaster Relief Operation Headquarters, yesterday, and it may include a TV--set up to watch the weather and news. The HQ workers might have been able catch a score now-and-then, at least.

The C-ERVs, though expensive, are a godsend when power and/or communications are out in a disaster area. They set up wireless telephone and computer equipment, in addition to the aforementioned possibility of a TV.

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