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December 21, 2008


Cop Car

Why is it that, telling as they are, photos never quite capture the real impact of a storm? Great photos!


We traveled south late yesterday afternoon, into the area here that had ice, but their ice was minimal compared to yours. It hurts to see the older trees break under the weight of the ice.


CC - your are right, the photos always seem to lack something; some of the pictures don't capture the sparkle and verve that make the scene beautiful,others don't show the damage as well as I would like.

Buffy - a lot of the trees that came down were younger or "middle-aged". Most of the older trees were fine (besides a bit of pruning by MN). There were only a couple of old trees down that I saw on my travels, and those were at the edges of swamps and the trees were literally uprooted - they didn't break.

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