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November 28, 2008


Cop Car

How did it turn out?


Oh, myyyyy. You are really brave! I make it a point never to leave home on the day after Thanksgiving. I'd rather do without than face those crowds.

Were you successful?

One of my young nieces stood in line starting at midnight to be one of the first 20 people into her local Best Buy. She called her sister at 2:00 a.m. and asked her to bring a sleeping bag, so that she could protect herself from the wind and cold. She hasn't said she would never do it again, but she did say it wasn't fun.


I certainly won't wait in line for hours on end, but I only waited about 15 minutes. It probably helped that I wasn't at a true mall, and it was in Concord. If it had been in Keene, Vermonter's would have been in line too (tax-free NH advantage), If it had been Manchester or Nashua, the same thing. But there are plenty of places between the borders and Concord for the out-of-staters to stand in line at.

(what kind of ending for a sentence is "at"? English teachers are probably gnashing their teath at the very thought of such a thing!)

Cop Car

Yeah, didn't your mother ever teach you to say, "...and Concord for the out-of-staters to stand in line at which."?

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