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November 22, 2008


Cop Car

Bogie--What a lovely fridge you have, my dear; but, when you lob a shot across Cop Car's bow, you are just asking for it! My fridge is, at once, a sensitive soul and a self-confident one. She is only a few months older than your youngster and, like yours, inherited no magnets from her mother. She takes after her mother, grand-mother, and great-grandmother, none of whom felt a need of magnets. My fridge's line is so sensitive that I just could not ask the members to take on the magnetic disturbance that might be created by magnets. In addition, they are a self-confident line, needing not the companionship of entities that might be likened to clinging vines. Our fridges have, however, had the unbelievable good fortune of residing in a home wherein they were the objects of love of two engineers. (Everyone knows that an engineer has greater love for a machine than for life, itself!)
BTW: You are a beginner when it comes to festooning her fridge. Had you taken lessons from you Aunt B, you would surely have learned to layer the additions to your fridge's vertical surfaces!
Good photos! ;^)


Layering happens, just takes more than a year to get the stuff - I'm sure if we had kids it would take about 2 days.

But since we have to rely on friends and family to supply pictures of kids/family (hey, our fridge gets to hobnob with stuff from Chicago, Indiana, Kansas and California - to name a few places), it takes a while.

The fridge also gets to read stuff out of a variety of magazines; National Geographic, Reader's Digest and Discover Magazine.

The magnets are of a wide variety of backgrounds; Butterfly Conservancy at Niagra Falls, Disney of Orlando Florida, New Hampshire natives, Ghost Catchers from Alaska, Grand Canyon, Kansas Twisters, McDonalds happy meals etc.

Obviously we have a well-rounded individual!

Cop Car

Gee whiz, a well-rounded fridge. It never occurred to me that our dolt of a fridge suffered from insufficient stimulation. *sigh*

Wichi Dude

Now ours doesn't have the "well-rounded" aspect of stimulation. But it is heavily covered (may have to start a contest here).

And while it doesn't have the natural "LOVE" from Engineers, it does have me...but then, maybe that's why it's trying to hide. Still, I've always felt the increased magnetic field helped centralize the heated molecules for easier removal. Besides, it give the Fridge that metalic "HUG" feel. Nothing sadder than a lonely Fridge.


One thing I got to give Cop Car's fridge; being in the home of two engineers, it probably does self diagnostics and fixes itself before it becomes broken :)

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