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October 31, 2008


Cop Car

Cool shades and hats on that Bear dude!


oh how cool is that dog!!


Cop Car - you will never make it as a motorcycle mama. Shades? Cap? Those are goggles (specifically made for dogs by the way) and a helmet. Shades and Cap indeed :)

Bod - that dog not only looks cool, but is cool. Unlike most little dogs, he isn't hyper or yippy, so no one minds him being around.

Cop Car

Hmmm...let's see how broken up I am at the prospect of not qualifying as a motorcycle mama. Sheesh! You bikers are as bad as us pilots at insisting upon correct terminology. We, the great unwashed public, just don't "get it"! *sigh* You are correct, however, that helmet and goggles are much, much cooler than cap and shades. (I'll go sit in my corner, now.) ; )

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