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October 17, 2008


Cop Car

Thanks for relieving our deprivation! I love poke! I use the tender young leaves with other greens--properly cooked, of course, so as not to poison us. Poke weed threatened to take over that planting area just outside your dad's bedroom and living room--2004 through 2007. I finally took it out and have tried to get it to grow on the fringes of the woods. Why don't you make wine?


"Why don't you make wine?"

Two reasons: First, not enough berries; Second, I don't like wine (neither does WS), so it would be wasted effort.


I spent many happy hours as a kid squishing the berries & using the juice for ink. It's really quite pretty. I had no idea you could make wine from them.

Birds love them by the way. That's where your volunteers are coming from.

Cop Car

Bogie--Two good reasons. Your dad wouldn't touch any wine that I made, and I don't drink enough (perhaps 2 ounces/year) to make it worthwhile.

Rita--When I was a kid, we didn't have poke weed growing where we kids could play with it. (Not sure we would have thought to use the berries for ink, anyway!) Our folks would, on spring car trips, stop so that Mom could pick young polk and dock leaves from the highway right-of-way--for scrumptuous greens. Mmmmm.

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