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October 17, 2008


Cop Car

It looks like a gorgeous ride! I'm getting new shoes for my bike (in my case, a bike is a bicycle, of course!) and am to pick it up, Tuesday. I'm hoping that our weather stays good for riding. Of course, as long as there is no ice/snow and the wind is below 20 knotes, I hope to ride, anyway--mostly on the 1-mile circuit that I can make on the streets in our neighborhood. However, a bike path runs just across Rock Road from us; so, once I get my muscles in shape....

Cop Car

The photo of you and WS in the sunglass lens is just too cool!

Wichi Dude

That you and WS in the shot? Thought that was Jim and Kelly? Correct me if I'm wrong.
And if I am, then where's a shot of you two?

Nice leaf pics though. Must have been a great ride. I'm jealous.


Wichi Dud - The photo itself is of Jim and Kelly, but, there is an image of WS and me reflected in Jim's glasses - never said there was a direct pic of us.

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