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September 27, 2008


Cop Car

Goodness--all of the gardening activity! You seem to have to heel in roses (and other plants) each fall. That is not a bad thing to do, and it saves you money for having been able to pick up bargains. I started to write that I wish you could see the one pepper plant that produced in our garden, this year; but, will post photo(s) for you.

You've had a very productive gardening/yarding season, so I should think it would be time to kick back. Knowing you, you'll be equally industrious at something else until it is, again, gardening time.


i stand in awe of you bogie! i hope one day to be as keen and successful at growing my own food as you are. i made a small attempt this year with a little success, so you never know, perhaps next year.....


Cop Car - Actually, I have never heeled in any plants before. I have always just put the pots in a semi-protected area and covered them with straw. But, I have never had to overwinter young own-root roses before so this will be a new experience.

Kicking back - that can wait until after we get the wood stacked - only got about half the woodshed filled, so have to do more.


Bod - Hey, I heard that you had good luck with pears this year and that is nothing to sneeze at!

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