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September 01, 2008


Cop Car

It is for sure that your friends will be missed; but, I am sure that they enjoyed such a scrumptuous send-off. BTW: Not everyone takes a dump truck with them, when they move. I would not let them take it. It is surely something that would be handy to have available.


sounds just fantastic bogie. i'm drooling just tinking about it!
btw, a very good friend recently took me for a spin on the back of their bike...so that's what i've been missing all these years!


Cop Car - The dump truck is a 1 ton truck with a dump body. WS helped build the "dump" part of the body. We have used it many times in the last couple of years. I'd tell them to leave it, but it's not worth the $8k they want for it.

Bod - glad you enjoyed the ride. Quite fun isn't it?

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