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September 14, 2008


Cop Car

Thanks for passing along the education, Bogie. If I manage my smarts well, I may recall the name of Smart weed the next time I see it. There is quite a bit of it around these parts (I'm sure that you recall!)

BTW: Ms Shouse, my English teacher in 1954-55 once posted a quotation on the board. I'll reproduce it to the best of my memory. Unfortunately, I don't recall to whom it was attributed. "A weed, studied, is to the soul a weed no longer." (Do you suppose she was on pot?)


nice one cop car!

Cop Car

Bod--And it was totally unwarranted! Ms Shouse seemed ancient to us teens...meaning that she was probably in her 50s or 60s (I'm not sure that teachers were allowed to teach past age 65). She was elegant and reserved...and she could nail the most boisterous kid to the wall with but a glance. Of course, one never knows, but she is/was a most unlikely candidate to dally with "sordid" activities.


ah, it's always the ones you wouldn't expect :-)


I'm sorry. Lets back up a minute. Did MY grandmother just say "pot"?!?! What has the world come to?

Cop Car

Ck--"Sppppolkt" (that's a raspberry) to you! We used to see the stuff growing along the railroad track when I was too young to go to school. Good to see your comments, Sweetie!


i once had a friend who grew the stuff in her greenhouse, then called the police when it was infiltrated by young people!....


I leAve this space for a week (okay, two) and look what it becomes!

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