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August 31, 2008


Cop Car

Cute guardians! And glad to see fuzzy having a good time. Did you see the PBS program (it was on, here, yesterday) that included a segment on frogs that had unintentionally been imported to Hawaii--not from the Americas, as I recall--and had become a real nuisance? They are tiny little things, too.

Cop Car

I should have included that the Hawaiians now fear that brown snakes may be (also unintentionally) brought in and will thrive on the frogs. Those would be the same brown snakes that are such a pain in Guam.


Didn't get to see the PBS show.

I thought that brown snakes had already been introduced to Hawaii to take care of the rat problem created by non-native rats. The snakes were causing problems by eating the eggs of some of the endangered bird species. Probably wrong islands I am thinking of.

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