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August 03, 2008


Cop Car

Bogie--Your "guy" looks like a monarch, to me. Monarchs (or, at least, caterpillers that I identify as monarchs) around here will chew on dill weed, if it's around. One always associates monarchs with milkweed! I'll welcome corrections in identification, from you or your other readers.


I belive it is a Monarch caterpiller also. I don't remember the plant he was on; I don't have dill and I know it wasn't on milkweed - otherwise that would have been easy to remember, and more expected. It also wasn't on butterfly weed, which I also would have remembered as that is also in the same family (or genus or something), as milkweed.


Speaking of gardens, I wanted to let you know that we cut back the rugosa rose to about 12" and then held our collective breaths. I thought we had killed it off, but mid-summer I realized that there was some new growth. I'm going to water it regularly into Fall, to encourage it to come back next Spring. It's looking very good. THanks for the advice!

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